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Understand us and our philosophy.

We are NOT like other “prepper” or survivalist websites out there. There are a multitude of websites that want to tell you how to survive when the SHTF or survive a zombie apocalypse. That’s not us!

We are focusing on regular folks. Maybe you have a family, maybe not. Maybe you have a mountain retreat with off-grid cabin, years worth of dehydrated food, an arsenal of guns and ammo, boxes full of gold coins, etc.. etc.. Congratulations to you.

What about Joe Sixpack? He doesn’t have that. He probably has ZERO chance of ever having that. Joe has a house/trailer, a mortgage, car payments, insurance and medical bills. Maybe Joe has 3-4 kids which come with their own set of needs. Right now, in these times, Joe is worried about keeping his job and putting food on the table. Joe can’t even drive to work or home because of the road pirates with their pretty badges, the “Law” and the courts all setup to rob him at every opportunity.

To serve and protect

P.S. If you blindly support the police then I think you are a complete fool and I have no intentions of arguing with you. (I fully intend to discuss Law Enforcement in another post but not here and not now.) So please, find another website if you are one of “those” people.

Now, back to the topic.

Joe has enough trouble with everyday life. Joe is the one we are looking for. If you are Joe then WELCOME! We want to focus on realistic situations. Realistic needs. Bottom line is we are focusing on REALITY. Again, welcome to Central Survival.

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