Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System


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Alexapure Pro® Water Filtration System

Filtered Water, Powered by Gravity.

The Alexapure Pro transforms water from virtually any freshwater source.

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Reduces 206 contaminants** commonly found in drinking water including:

  • Bacteria (> 99.9999%)
  • Chlorine &  Vinylchloride (>99.9%)
  • Fluoride (> 97%)
  • Pesticides (> 95%)
  • Pharmaceuticals (> 95%)
  • Viruses (>99.99%)
  • Heavy metals
  • Lead

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You won’t survive without water for more than three days. How do you know yours is safe enough to drink?

The Alexapure Pro® Water Filtration System is the ultimate solution for filtered water. Its groundbreaking gravity-powered filtration process outperforms the competition—and we offer it at an affordable cost.

You can trust Alexapure to supply water for your family. We do for ours!

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