Michael Moore: “Evil Genius” Trump Could be Lying About Having COVID to Postpone the Election

“He’s not above weaponizing this.”

Trump Testing Positive For Coronavirus Could Actually Help His Chances of Re-Election

It boosted both Bolsonaro and Boris Johnson’s approval numbers.

Trump Order Seeks to Combat China’s Rare-Earth Minerals Dominance

EO declares “national emergency” in US mining industry

Trump Vows to Revoke ‘Ridiculous’ Gender-Sensitive Navy SEAL Changes Immediately

Navy removes gendered words like “brotherhood,” “man” from official SEAL ethos

Leftists Claim Trump Faked His Coronavirus Infection

To allow him to beat the virus quickly and downplay its severity.

Could Trump’s Coronavirus Test Be a False Positive?

“Up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus,” NYT reported.

Cadet Sues US Naval Academy Following Expulsion Over ‘Racist’ Tweets

Man is ‘first casualty in academy’s unconditional adoption of woke culture,’ attorney says

Chinese State Media Gloats About Trump Catching Coronavirus

Celebrates possibility it could cost him the election.

Video: Democratic Ad Compares 2020 America To Nazi Germany

Campaign ad described as “deeply offensive” by ADL

CNN’s Don Lemon Suggests Trump Said Coronavirus Was a “Hoax”

Never happened.

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