What the Devil? Hillary Clinton Has Sexually Explicit Book of Satanic Glass Porn

Bizarre book appeared in photo posted by former Democrat presidential candidate.

Trump Heads to Military Hospital as “Precautionary Measure”

President to continue work from a “special suite” at Walter Reed military hospital near DC

Over 100 Illegals Found in Trailer at Border Checkpoint

Hundreds of big rig smuggling attempts involving thousands of illegals thwarted in FY2020

Facebook Censors Woman’s Video of ‘Foreign’ Male Assaulting Her on French Train

“Sweet France… take care of you girls,” victim pleads in censored post

Companies Announce Tens of Thousands of Layoffs

Government lockdowns causing long-term economic damage


Music video exposes globalist corona agenda.

Flashback: AJ Predicting Trump Would Get Corona and How The Left Would Attack Him

How could he have guessed?

Pelosi Discusses Continuity of Government Following Trump Covid Diagnosis

House Speaker acutely aware she stands second in line to presidency should something happen to Trump, Pence.

Biden Tests Negative For COVID-19 Following Trump Diagnosis

Democrat presidential candidate uses negative results to push face masks.

The Proud Boys Are NOT White Supremacists

Learn the truth about the controversial group.

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