Heatwave across the USA

Dangerous Heat Wave for Western States Continues

      Dangerous Heat Wave for Western States Continues! More than 50 million people from southern Arizona to northern Montana were under heat alerts Tuesday as relentless heat continued…

Bug Out Plans For Survival Preparedness

It can be argued that making a Bug Out Plan is as or even more essential than having a Bug Out Bag packed, as one can escape mortal danger with…

Three Stages of Survival For Disaster Preparedness

Stage 1. There is no way to predict when disaster may strike. The best way to survive disaster is to first prepare for a short-term emergency, such as 72 hours….

Will You Survive The Apocalypse?

Are you prepared to survive the apocalypse? The fact is that most people are grossly un-prepared when it comes to survival training and resources. The chances that a major catastrophe…

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