About Us

About Us for preppers and survivalists.
Be prepared if you want to survive.

The Central Survival team knows that uncertainty can be a huge concern for many people.  This About Us page is for preppers and survivalists.We are here to help you prepare for the future you want. When you prepare today, you can be confident that you’ll be set for tomorrow, whatever it may bring.

Our mission is to help you become prepared to survive whatever life throws at you.

We recognize that Freedom was taken from us the moment the ink was drying on the Constitution. Today’s governmental structure is imploding under its own weight, and its death rattles aren’t going to be pretty. At CentralSurvival.com we observe, comment and try to stay out of the way. We hope that freedom will rise from the ashes.

“Survivalist” or “Prepper” seems to have become a term that causes some people to ridicule or scorn an individual that is prudent enough to, at a minimum, educate themselves to the possibility that any number of events can happen at any given time.  Sometimes with little to no warning.  Natural events and disasters occur regularly with no warning whatsoever.  The truth is that the fool is the one who doesn’t attempt to prepare his/her self and family to have a chance to survive what Nature can throw at us.

Over a period of years, we envisioned having a news and current information website where anyone could quickly and easily post news articles, opinions, and links to stories on other sites about any subject they wished to bring to people’s attention. We wanted a site where visitors could find the real truth about what’s going on in the world and quickly get the information they needed to keep informed, rather than be subjected to the filters of a slavering collective mainstream media awaiting the approval of their government masters. CentralSurvival.com’s page “About Us” was developed to satisfy those needs.